Free Assets, Free Gold

 We are always looking for Free things. Be it food, items whatsover that can be beneficial to us.

I myself for the past 25 years have indulge in things that are free all over the internet. Well some did work out well, some are time consuming whilst most are just scams. Not too bad if they are free. But sometimes, you are forced to pay a premium to withdraw.

24 hours with very little sleep have forced me to work, and spend the rest of my time trading, investing, finding freemiums or opportunities to make money over the internet. I'm an introvert that will shy away with photos and videos, hence i never tried youtube-ing to earn an income. However, as a small time programmer, i did earn a decent amount of money from advertising.

So you see, i have been there, like you, finding money all over the internet. As i established myself over the years financially, i develop an enthusiasm for activism works. I followed Red Cross and several other NGO's, travelling the world, learning people's cultures, helping where i could. At one time, i am just tired of looking at this poverties happening all over the world. Even in develop countries, including the one i currently called home, homeless, income gaps, impoverished society is still an issue.

This is where i think to myself, with my experience and expertise, i would want to be a contributor to the society. Hence, MMC Business was born, a business entity with a touch of passion for the humankind.

MMC Business is a Malaysia registered entity and is into multi business, although its main business is IT and Advertising. It has a profit sharing agenda of 70% - 30%, of which 70% of its revenue are given back to the community. And that community is the MMCHOLDER community.

MMCHOLDER exist to save time and effort for people finding Freemiums on the Internet, and for those who wish to create savings and passive income in the future.

An MMCHOLDER gets free Asset and Gold every month as dividend. No investment or purchases needed. Just a one lifetime Membership fee will gives you free assets and gold every month, forever.

Every MMCHOLDER gets 3 different accounts.

- Asset Account
- MMC E-Wallet
- Gold Account

Asset Account

This are cypto tokens build on the Stellar Network platform. Called MMC Tokens, these tokens are backed up by investment and gold. Hence, should it fails, you will never lose your membership fees. These tokens are business driven, so the more MMC Business expands, the more money it makes, the more valuable the token is. MMC token price are also influenced by MMC Business 'Silent Shareholders'.

MMCHOLDERS can expect to get yields or dividends every month between the 3rd to 7th. The yields, or dividends are not fixed as it solely depends on MMC Business revenue.

MMC E-Wallet

This will take a minute of your daily life. Just login to your dashboard and earn Malaysian Ringgit 0.01 everyday. For every RM0.30 accumulated, a gift dividend will be given to its eligible holders. This dividends are based on revenues from MMC Advertising revenue. Called the Anti-Zero E-Wallet, this wallet will be beneficial to users and merchants in the future.

Gold Account

This is a 3rd party platform. Upon signing up, you will get free 0.005g of 999 quality gold. Only those registered with MMCHOLDER will receive gold dividends every month, same timing as the Asset Dividends. Gold dividends are based on MMC Business Gold Investment Trading portfolio.

What to expect

This is something for long term, not a hyip or get rich quick scheme. It takes years for the assets and gold to grow. The thing is, you do not invest in anything, or buy anything in these platforms. Its free for MMCHOLDERS.

You can pawn to loan your assets anytime at 70% of its value anytime and redeem it anytime. Even without redeeming it, just hold on to it since dividends are still paid as normal. Even for E-Wallet and Gold, at anytime once it has accrued a minimum value of RM10, you can request for withdrawal.

So this is how we prepare our MMCHOLDERS for their future savings. I will be explaining how to earn passive income in the next post.

So this is our way of contributing to the society. Join us, bring your family and friends along if you find this beneficial for you.

Sign up here MMCHOLDER

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